Yuma Arizona Real Estate Finding the Best Deal

Ultimate Homes / Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

Buying a home is one of the most exciting events in your life. But because it is such a rare event, few people truly understand how to go about the process of looking for a new home. Yuma is an amazing place to find a house, and there is a lot you can do to make the process easier than ever.

Most people don’t realize that the best way to approach looking for real estate is to make the process all about getting the most information. It’s not really about finding a home you love as much as it is about uncovering every detail about the property. Some of the information that you should focus on are the following.

When was the home listed on the real estate market Many home buyers don’t understand why this question is important, but it provides a great deal of information about the home. If a house has been up for sale for a while, it may mean that the sellers are willing to entertain offers and negotiate on price.

Has there been another buyer for the home If a home has been in escrow before and the sale fell through, it’s important to know. This gives a lot of information – there may be a few factors that contribute to the house not selling the first time. It could be that the buyer couldn’t arrange financing, or it could mean that there was something wrong that the buyer or a home inspector found in the sale process. It’s important to ask why the sale was not completed if the house fell out of escrow.

How old is the home and how has it been maintained The age of the home is a huge factor – homes built in before the 1960s will be built with quality materials, but you may be looking at some major upgrading of the home. The home may also have some potential problem areas with older materials, such as lead paint, or asbestos roofing materials. A home built in the 60s, 70s and 80s didn’t feature the quality of construction that older homes had. Some of these homes aren’t quite as distinctive in character, but often have good potential for remodeling and resale. Homes built in the 90s and later are going to be homes that require less initial maintenance and repair. Regardless of the age of the home, you should always have a home inspected by a qualified inspector.

What other fees will you have to pay beside the sales price All real estate will have real estate taxes that you must pay each year. Before you commit to a home purchase, find out how much the taxes are and how it will affect your budget. Many homes have home owner association dues that the owner must pay each month. Also, many home communities require home association dues. These dues cover community maintenance, such as pool or community rooms, landscaping for the common areas, etc.

Taking the time to find out some vital information can really help you make decisions about what home is best for you. There’s far more to evaluating a home than merely looking at the home and the property. Decision making really requires finding out what lies beneath the surface of the home. Work with your real estate agent, gather as much information as you possibly can, and you’ll find the home you love in Yuma.

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